PHOTOGRAPHY: Alessandro Calza, the italian hunk


I bet you remember Alessandro Calza from Yen Tan’s movie CIAO released in 2008. That year he crossed the Atlantic Ocean to shoot this touching film. It was the only and first time he played a role like an actor. The 45 years old italian hunk is a web designer and photographer. He used to draw by hand since he did Architecture at University, and then switched to CAD design later in the mid 90s’ finally web and graphic design.  He not only loves taking photos if not posing for his own artwork and also for others. You can tell he got an amazing body. What happened since there? He still live in Geneva, where he was born and as we can see on his Facebook he works like an art director in VirgoDiscoClub and also is a maganer in Lussurian Genoa’s Cruising Bar.

If you are on Flickr and got a ymail account you can see more about his latest work here.


“Yes Ciao was my first movie. Not being a trained actor it was a long process to go through but I was lucky Yen Tan, who is a friend, assisted me and was very helpful. The most difficult part was to play a character that is similar, in some ways, to my persona, but at the same time has a different psychology. So it is always hard not to overcome the boundaries of the character risking being ‘yourself’ instead of the character itself. That I think was a the most difficult part. We did go through different rewritings of the script and we did conformed dialogues to my character, so when I had to play the part I was pretty comfortable to my dialogues. Also Yen is a very open minded director, always open to suggestions so it was pretty much of a collaborative work. I think Andrea; my character had more superficial and formal aspects of me, but is psychologically and emotionally very different. Andrea is a more reflective person, more introverted yet more emotionally available. I’m definitely less introverted in social interaction but I am very private about my emotions. So eventually we are two very different people substantially…just apparently close. The movie deals with more universal type of feelings, like loss or grief…and those are pretty common for everybody. But for sure the long distance relationship thing was more close to the ‘gay world’ and needed a specific approach”.


Alessandro has also directed Ari Gold’s video music “My favorite religion” in 2012 where he played a priest, a hot one of course.

About being gay

“I do believe there is a specific approach that gay people have toward relationships since for most they are sort of difficult especially if you don’t live in an open minded environment, like a small town or some countries. I have to say that I never had to come out…meaning I was never into any closet. This is at least at a very personal level about my consciousness. As much as I remember I was always in touch with my attractions and feelings then of course you have to deal with the outside world though, so I had some little troubles here and there but nothing dramatic. People always find an excuse to pick on you, that we have to keep into account, whatever u are gay or you belong to any other minority…But there wasn’t really any coming out path for me, it was more growing and being able to protect myself from possible attacks. I think if you are aggressive enough people back off and don’t wanna take you on. That has always been my philosophy”.

Role models

“It is very difficult to find role models and that’s pretty hard. This is still a big problem for young generations because you don’t have role models in sports and entertainment, which is where straight people positive role models are. being gay is hard because of that (and because of many other reasons of course) but at the same time is quite good cause it is a chance to reinvent yourself in different terms, to challenge yourself questioning what’s your real self, instead of buying a pre-manufactured way of being from the outside (like most straight people do). It is a great chance, some people take it some people don’t…that’s why eventually, despite diversity, stereotypes are pretty much in the gay scene too”.

The Vatican and homosexuality

“The problem with the Vatican is totally internal. Their problem with homosexuality is a phobia they have because they know a large number of priests and clergy is homosexual. They fear that if homosexuality is accepted a lot of people in the clergy will come out as it happened in other churches. In fact divorce is way a bigger sin that homosexual acts, but they don’t rant so much about it and that is because it doesn’t affect them internally. On top when they attack gay people they know they attack a minority and is not harmful to them if they attack pre marriage sex or divorce they would be against a too large number of people so they don’t do it”.


“I don’t take part in any group action, because I don’t believe it is necessary to be in a group at all. I think people should just say and be active at a personal level and there should not be the need of any group. But I feel political meaning that I know whenever I take a position about something (and I usually take it) that is pretty much political. Most people don’t do it because they think they loose a part of their friends, clients, audience and what not…people are ruled by money”.


“I am just trying to be the kind of man I though I would wanna see when I was a kid. I am just trying to be my own ideal, and mostly trying to be myself. Hen if it can be of any help for anybody, well that’s good, I’m happy with it. Well I think it is very important and also very modern to deal with your self image. For ages men have been thought that just women had to focus on their looks while men had to focus on their power and work. When I look at myself I’m never satisfied, no matter how much feedback I get from others”.


“I think in general I use references from cinema and photography and try to mix them with my own ideas. This is the basic approach. There is a lot of controversial photography today, stating at the end of the 70s’, people trying to be transgressor or shocking to attract the viewer. I am doing the opposite. I don’t use any device. I just believe in putting the persona at the centre of photography and sometimes in relationship with the context, the dialogue is then in the viewer mind, what people think is happening. I don’t tell them, I don’t wanna slap their face with shock or terror or trash. Whenever I am working on a project I listen to one song as long as I’m working on the thing. I can listen to the same song hundreds times, with different headphones just to pick up different level of the sound at the end I think that’s the biggest influence. New photography will also include costume design, so I will work on costume design as well. I did it in the past and I’m gonna pick that up again.”.

Male beauty

 “I think I can find much different type of men attractive. Sometimes is something very unusual, sometimes is something quite common, it depends. I do find some men, like wrestlers or football players quite attractive. Masculine is a necessary condition and while colour is secondary. I think sportsmen are extremely attractive because a trained body, whatever sport you do, is always more attractive”.


“Sexuality has always been a big theme in my life but more at an intellectual level than at a practical level, I am for sure usually too busy with my projects to go out and hook up every other night. I’m not as sexually busy as it might seem. Also getting older I’m more into…well just not sex along but more expressing yourself at different levels together with sex”.


“I think I do wanna get married at some point like at around 45, something like that. And I wanna have a crazy overnight wedding in Las Vegas! I do believe is possible to have a good relationship, I did have some good relationships in my life so I’m not the jaded type who thinks is impossible. There are a lot of fantastic men around. As I am saying there is a lot of Mr. Rights Apart from the aesthetic point of view, there are a lot of good men out there. I really like simple and laid back guys. I am not very much into artists or guys who do a creative work. I’m much more for blue collars than artists”.


” think my biggest ambition is to do everything I can in my own terms as much as I can without having to change what I am. Practically I would wanna work more into cinema also, but I’m not gonna do whatever project just for the sake of it. After Ciao I can stop doing movies or starting does more? I will decide based on if I like what I’m offered or not. Actually we are writing a new movie with Yen Tan right now so, for sure I’m gonna act some more.


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