COUPLES: Wayne and Eric, a bear Atlanta romance


They are 2 bears living together in Atlanta (Georgia) where gone with the wind can be gay and hairy too.  I knew about Wayne Turpin in 2011 when he won the Mister Atlanta Eagle, a contest that was  a challenge for him because took him outside of his comfort zone and pushing himyself to be more open, but sadly he is not enter another contest at this point.


“I had a good childhood raised mostly by my grandparents. They were mostly conservative but democratic”, says Wayne whom studied Electronics but work in Software.  Eric was born in Columbus, Ohio and he had a normal, childhood: “My family was a blend of conservative and liberal. Mainly moderate in their views”.

Eric loves music and he is a DJ.

“I have never been to college or any thing past high school. I have a diploma though so I did graduate. I have had many jobs. Currently I am a retail sales clerk. I am a disk Jockey in a night club for private parties and events. I have DJed several major Bear parties in the South East of the US. I worked in radio for a very short period of time and I currently re-edit/remix videos for DJs such as myself to play in nightclubs.

Coming out

“I was married and had children, the marriage didn’t work out. While my ex-wife lived in the same area the kids would split time with us both but attended school from my address. When their mother moved away from the area the kids stayed more with me for school. My son now lives with his mother to attend private school and my daughter lives with me and is in her final year in high school. We just sat down with them one night and told them about Eric, which they already knew him so it wasn’t that hard for them to understand. I just live my life. I don’t feel the need to run around with a huge sign on my head but I also don’t try and hide anything. People can either accept me or not, I don’t care what they think anyways”.

Love story

Wayne says:

“We met online and then ran into each other at a local bar. It was a bit weird because we used to work for the same company years before but didn’t remember each other. I think its easier being a mature couple than a younger one. As we have aged I think we understand more about life and it makes it easier to understand someone else’s life a little easier. I don’t. I’ve been married and at this point in my life I don’t need a piece of paper to define my relationship.”.

And Eric adds

“I initially received a message from  on a website ( I had looked at his profile but never said anything to him at firstWayne. I assume he saw who had viewed his profile and liked what he saw and messaged me. I read through his profile and told him I could help him with photos for his profile. (He had asked if anyone would help him in his profile ‘about’ section). We didn’t have a conversation until a week later I was at a local bar “Woofs” in Atlanta. I was chatting with 3 other friends who happened to be red heads like myself. He walked in and went to the service area of the bar and ordered a drink. I noticed he was listening to us talk so I told one of the guys and he struck up the conversation with Wayne. I kept looking at him because I recognized him but wasn’t sure where from. I told him this. He said “Yeah, you look familiar too.” After a couple of seconds it hit me where I had seen him from. We both figured it almost simultaneously.  We blurted out “BIG MUSCLE BEARS!” We all talked for a bit. When he went to leave one of the other red heads asked for his number. Wayne wrote it down for him. I was too shy to ask. So I asked the friend if he would give it to me. He said “Nope. He gave me his number.” I later went home slightly drunk and frustrated. I contacted Wayne via message on Big Muscle Bears. We conversed and met a week later for drinks for his birthday. The rest is history. About marriage Marriage is legal now. I think we will wait for a while. Maybe not ever. A piece of paper doesn’t prove you love someone. I think in the end it would be best though. For many legal reasons for if I or he should pass away to make sure things are handled as we as a couple would want them and not others”.


“People are people. We are who we are. If you aren’t open with each other and communicate like anything else it doesn’t work well. When you stumble ask for forgiveness. And when asked give it. But learn from the mistakes and the triumphs in what you do to bring it all to a long lasting togetherness. Honesty and truth are the key to be together a long time. You can’t have a long term relationship without being honest with each other”.

Bears, bears, bears

“We do have a lot of Bears but I think the Southern part of the US has a lot of bears. And we have a lot of bear events in the South as well. Bears are usually guys who don’t put a lot of “glitz” in the things they do. I think its an easier way of looking at things and allows more honest friendships/relationships. I think it is because gay “bear” men are more laid back and open to all types of people. We have less expectations. Being Gay in Atlanta is like being gay in most cities. It’s a thing you take as everyday normal unless someone or something reminds you it is not. We belong to Southern Bears social group and Coastal Empire Sentinels Leather Group”.

Stereotypes and prejudices

“That’s a great question, I think people stereotype out of fear and ignorance so not sure how to “deal” with it other than showing people that gay folks are about the same as they are by just living your life. A couple of the common ones that get me are the “Whos the boy and whos the girl” and of course folks thinking gay men are pedophiles…If they would look at the statics they would see that most pedophiles are straight men. It shows other people that we are not a stereotype and that we deserve to be treated just like anyone else in this world”.

Eric explain us:

“That we molest children. Even with the truth people want to believe what they want to believe. It is our duty to know what the truth is and explain it to them in such a way that hopefully they understand that what they know or have been told is wrong. Being friends to these people or at least someone they can talk to easily helps”.

For Wayne Neil Patrick Harris really shows folks how he is “normal” even while being gay. And of course he loves Ricky Martin.

Politics and LGBT rights

“That’s a good one. I think all people should have the same rights, it shouldn’t matter who someone chooses to love. I think our politicians are mostly concerned with filling their pockets with money and power. I don’t think most of them care about anyone’s rights much less gay rights. We have gotten more rights lately but its all very silly if you ask me, the government should protect all the citizens and rights should be the same for all”.

They both are involved in the Bear and Leather communities and do events for charities.  Eric is not activist but he is trying to use his BAR•CODE DJ party events to raise money and awareness for different charitable causes within the gay community.

Grindr.  Scruff . Manhunt. 

They mostly use to see who is at an event or location and to keep up with some friends. Growlr and Scruff on occasion. When they are wanting to be frisky with others 😉 GPS ready guys!!!

If you ask Wayne who is the sexiest man american man alive he answers Tom Selleck. and the only one worlwide Sean Connery. Furry furry furry!

Waynes’ first kiss was in his early twenties and his first gay parade ar 1991. Eric doesn’t remember his first gay kiss.

“For many years though I would not kiss another man. I felt you had to be in love to give a kiss and most of those days it wasn’t love… it was just sex lol. My first Gay Pride Parade was in Columbus Ohio in 1984. I was 18. A news reported wanted to ask us questions for an interview. I refused because I wasn’t out to my friends and family just yet. I still have my T-Shirt I bought there that year”.

While Wayne likes tasteful nude photos on tumbrl, Eric love his porn and he confirms Tumblr is  a great place to see it!

These bears heard of Peru and they want to visit us. OMG  Get ready peruvian bears!


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