ART: Michael Breyette, the nude male body artwork


Michael Breyette is a gifted gay artist. He can give us pleasure to our eyes and release our most wild desires with his beautiful paintings. His work has appeared in several magazines features and gay romance novels. He also publish an annual calendar. Recently he moved from Worcester, Massachusetts to Vermont and is happier than ever. Come with us and discover the nude male body, the artist and the man.

His art

“It’s hard to tell, definitely more and more people are becoming aware of my work. I have a following but I am not sure the size. I do get emails and orders from around the globe. It’s strange but great! It’s odd to be someone inspiration or to have created a piece of artwork that moves and connects with total strangers. I have had letters from young guys who identify with my work and help them deal with being gay and/or coming out. I had a few more shows at the Lyman-Eyer gallery in Provincetown, but due to the owners medical condition it closed in 2014. I had another book come out in 2011 and am now considering doing another. I also showed my work at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in NYC, as well as was featured in a couple other books of gay art. I moved last year to Vermont to own a house again and to live in a more beautiful place, with a more basic way of life, and am raising chickens and gardening! And as a bonus I met an awesome guy here (who lives part time in Vermont and part time if Maryland)”. Sorry guys he is not single, buy eyes are made to see, huh”.

The beginning

“I actually paint for myself and think that’s what most artists do. Sometimes I have a particular idea or emotion I want to convey but it’s just me expressing myself. The fact that others resonate with what I’m doing is great. I suppose it’s therapy for me, and it just happens to click with other people too. Of course, celebrating the male physique is part of my motivation as well. Art can be just sheer beauty as well, I certainly I am not one of those guys that believe has to be some profound meaning it a work of art. It’s just a reflection of the artist and his perception of the world. I paint from my perspective and I’m a gay guy living in the U.S. so politics is part of the world around me and it inspires what I do sometimes. I’m not sure if I see more than I did 5 years ago. Perhaps. The internet has provided so much access for people to put their stuff out there. That can have a reverse effect. I feel that may artists, myself included, can veer away from a subject matter if they see everyone else is doing it”.

Equality marriage

“Marriage is something I never thought possible my whole life, it’s a new concept. I don’t know if it’s for me. It’s a big step and I don’t know at this point. But it’s nice to have the option. Things have actually changed quite quickly for gays in the last couple decades. We’ve gone from being in the closet to on TV, to the wedding chapel in my lifetime and with all the attention comes negativity too, but yes it’s better to be able to be who you are and out”.


Sex, eroticism and art

“The part sex plays in my artwork has to do with my feelings that sexuality especially gay sexuality is repressed by mainstream society. Also in artwork, a simple nude female is more easily accepted by the general public that a nude male…a nude male is going to cause more controversy and is more likely to be labelled pornographic but I think my work is more about the beauty of men, their lives and their loves and that we’re just like everyone else. It’s only the sex that makes us ‘different’. It really is in the eye of the beholder, which is which. To me, porn is designed to illicit just a sexual response whereas art can trigger emotions, intellect, romance etc. So depending on how it’s done, even sex acts can be seen/presented in an ‘artistic’ way. But again it’s subjective to the viewer”.Social Network, censorship and nudity. “There is so much vile, hateful and violent stuff that is ALLOWED on social media, I think it’s ridiculous that the line gets drawn at nudity. We all have human bodies I don’t get why seeing another’s is shocking, harmful, taboo. Of course so many people equate nudity with sex, to them they are the same thing, Some cultures regard the male genitalia as an acceptable symbol of fertility, but cultures don’t change overnight. Artists don’t only reflect a culture they also can enlighten”.

Coming out

“Well as a kid I always liked to paint and draw. So as I became aware of my sexuality the male form became a fascinating subject for me. I remember at about 12 years old I started noticing the bodies on the other guys, the older boys. At first I told myself it was just admiration or envy. That I was drawn to them because I wanted to have a body like that myself. Eventually I realized it was more than that, mostly because I was becoming aroused too. I started to draw male figures perhaps in high school. But any I did in pieces that I showed to anybody else were not sexual. I often did hunky heroes in a fantasy or sci-fi setting often with a female counterpart. I didn’t come out until many years later. During that time I actually lost some interest in my artwork because I always had to come up with some kind of subterfuge/excuse to be painting a half naked man and it just became tiresome. I couldn’t really paint what I wanted because I didn’t want to ‘out’ myself so I became frustrated. Fortunately, better late than never, I decided I couldn’t spend my whole life that way. I moved away to a more accepting environment and found friends and place where I could be my true self.


“I was really drawn to capturing the male physique at that time more than likenesses. I kind of kept my love life and art separate. I didn’t have any particular hero characters. I really liked to study the book covers by artists like Boris Vallejo, Michael Whelan, Rowena, etc. they were beautiful and colourful, with muscular heroes. So I tried to mimic them. They have inspired me at different times and in different ways. I like the work of BEAU, Kent, Robert W. Richards, Tom Jones, also Tom of Finland; Steven Walker etc. have been inspirational to me.


“Most the figures in my works aren’t real individuals. I create them by referencing several images and imagination”.


Speedo. Naughty social network

“I haven’t been working out as much as I used to, so it’s hard to pick a favorite right now. I usually like my shoulders and chest. Based on feedback. I guess people like my butt and from a more limited audience my penis has gotten its share of praise. I’m a briefs guy, and am always trying new ones. Intymen is my favorite brand at the moment. Usually it’s swimbriefs (speedo style) 90%-95% of the time. Occasionally I’ll do swim shorts”.


“There have been a few that I would qualify as ‘wild’ but that doesn’t mean they were the best. The best ones are usually intimate with someone I’m very close and comfortable with my guy. Being uninhibited, the way we are together. I guess does make it wild. It’s odd hooking up with someone from an app. Seems like a lot of men will have sex with anyone whose body turns them on. For me I’m not a fan of meeting a stranger for sex with whom you’ve only exchanged a couple sentences. I at least need some connection. I have to like them as a person first. Too many men on apps move on if you try to have a conversation, or expect sex on the first meeting no matter what”

Now you can get lust!

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    Stay with this guys, you’re helnipg a lot of people.

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