MODEL: Robert Pierce, the boatin bear


One true thing about this sexy bear, model and artist born in Idaho is his versatility to explore different levels of art and life. He is a very nice guy, a person without prejudices about his feelings and emotions.


“It was around 2002 or 2003 when I started with my sculpture, going around festivals, art shows, venues and things like that. This is a very precise art and because of that the cost is high not because the material if not the labour. Sometimes it takes me 60 hours to finish one piece. With a painting customers know where to put them but with sculptures they don’t. Every piece is original It’s hard to sell it but I enjoy it very much being an sculptor too”.

And also he has done artistic photo modeling for eleven years, on various internet sites and with many professional photographers.
 “I feel natural, comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, from clothed to nude shots. I try to find that energy between photographer and model that makes magic, excellent photos. I’m very open to creative experimentation during photo shoots and I enjoy being involved in the creative process. I love a photographer with a directorial style, but variety makes the energy fresh and produces amazing work!”

Sometimes he works like a personal training and fitnes, diet consultation for muscle mass gain and bodybuilding.

Coming out

“Since a little kid I know I was exhibionist and I don’t think so is something related to my sexuality, because some straight people like it too. I remember when I was 5 or 6 my dad had Playboy magazines in the house and I went trough those but I was not interested in women if not men. That was my only source of pornography or naked men in that time. I didn’t come out till I was eighteen years old and it was a very simple process. I told my mother over the phone and she said everybody knows honey but you needed to admit it. It was not a big deal. My dad is very accepting so my family does. I am proud of it and I am grateful”.


The erotic model

He lives in Michigan with his partner since 1989 but he was in many differente states like Oregon, California, Pensilvania, Indiana and Virginia because his father was involved in the nuclear power industry like an engineer so we used to travel a lot. When he was a kid he went to a school for artists then he did a major in arts and music. Then he studied electronics that is other of his interests.

“I love computers. I worked fourteen years repair them, it was before Windows but right now everything is high tech. A long time ago my husband Scott were to boating, one of our hobbies. In Michigan you can find a lot of places. I started posting pictures of that boating trips on Yahoo groups and I really got an audience, sometimes naked sometimes not. They were vacations photos. Then I got a phone calling from a company called Southern Gents to post some photos, in the beginning they were not very professional photos but four or five years ago a photographer came to take photos that when I posted on facebook it blew up. I got offers from many photograpghers that wanted to shoot me. With the time I arranged travels to San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Florida, to do amazing photos. I like when the photographers take very masculine photos and not such a stereotype. I am not the typical gay male model you know. I don’t like plastic mainstrean beauty”.

“You has to be natural and relaxed. It’s emotion, energy and a creation of life, making a positive emotion. I think what a viewer will experiment. The post and the angle has to be right. A lot of time I has to relay in his directions. I can always take my perspective and I think it will be great but I never know for sure because is the viewers perspective. I think the photos with Bear Magazine for its supplement BearPlat, very sexual. I work with some rules I have a monogamus relationship so I don’t have sex with other models in the photos and the other is that my husband Scott is always present. We operate like a team”.

Blake Little, the photographer

“He is very nice, very talented and he knows what he wants. He is a truly artist. The photo session was very demanding. It was at his house in Hollywood. He worked with natural light and panels one white and another black. He is such a perfectionist and I loved it even when I was tired after standing up that long. I needed to be very patient.

LGBT rights

“Sometimes our community is more fierce classist, agy and racist because if you are not 21 and very thin you are out. Not everybody is fashion or handsome or has a great body They didn’t get any case of homophobia but sometimes this can be very subtle. They are straight acting which it means they are out of the stereotypes. They don’t look like outcasts for the society. They are officers in a local bear gay club in Michigan a large community with 160 member. Any kind any size. They have meetings and raise money for gay benefits”.

Robert and Scott. 27 years together. It was 1985 when Bob put an ad in the local newspaper in the classified section forum and Scott was his second date. He moved in after five days and that’s it. Love at first sight. Absulutely. For Robert, his partner is a rock of stability with wild crazy ideas. He remembers his family told him he was moving too fast but he didn’t care. They waited a little too much but finally last august they got married. And still waiting to have the reception a big one.



“For me being nude in front of the camera is very fullfilling and it work for us. Scott knew I was exhibionist and we figured out what is the best. There is a lot of prejudices about being ehhibionist but I nevew as the kinf of flashing in the gym or disturbing people. I never didn’t  get any legal problems. Also I do videos for my Xtube page where I own the rights of my almost 50 videos. Scott records me. I did a couple of professional videos. I don’t like so over. I get a lof of comments most of them very nice but also bizarre like the ones sayings I need help or I am sick. I enjoy that I do and I am happy”.

Robert does what he wants without lying or hurting anyone and that’s meaningful.

About what part of his body he likes the most he says “My shoulders and face”. We would add more on the list for sure. Yum Yum!!!

You are invited to watch him:


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