UNDIES: Undie Guy, the underwear expert


If you are looking for underwear reviews you need to get into the most sexy youtuber, the Undie Guy. He is always ready to give you some good tips and advices about what kind of underwear to wear for every ocasion. He knows what is comfortable, fashion and trendy, the ultimate new brands. From Mumbai (India) the hairy beautiful hot Undie Guy is waiting for you with a big smile and of course tights undies. Let’t get to know more about this expert hottie.

Sal started doing some movie review videos for it and then got the idea to do underwear video reviews.

“I loved underwear ever since I was a child and the thrill of new and sexy undies motivated me to do the vids. It was an experiment and it worked out well as they have been very well-received by the brands and the viewers”.

Childhood. Most kids have their moms buy them underwear and clothes and ir was his case. But nowadays I think they have a little bit more freedom.

“When I was a kid I made sure the undies I got were the sexiest even though they were a local brand and they hardly had any options at the time. They were skimpy bikini cut ‘VIP Frenchies’ that would give me a nice bulge. The colours weren’t great but I had a lot of them and would wear them and look at myself in the mirror and be naughty”.

He started buying undies on hist trips abroad, it was how got introduced to new brands, materials and styles. “When I was 10 years old perhaps and I would like the feel of them and would also like looking at the underwear ads with the hot men and would cut them out and keep them”.


“It is a sort of fetish I guess but not to the point that I can only be turned on by underwear. It’s something I like for myself and makes me feel sexy and stylish. I do love the idea of guys in underwear, underwear parties etc but it’s something I think as being playful and sexy and fun rather than just a fetish”.

The undie guy smiles when I affirm that he grew up surrounded by heterosexual men.

 “Well they wore the only ‘international’ brand available at the time which was Jockey. Usually in boring white or grey or black and they would have tears in them and be loose. Not always very sexy. There would be Crocodile underwear that were Y-fronts and were quite sexy so I’d buy that for the guy I was with at the time.

Right now men have more choices and also they are certainly more fashion conscious here or India. According to him these are the five top requirements that a man need to know about underwear:

undieguy-11. What type of underwear suits them the best i.e. briefs, boxer briefs, bikini, shorts, thongs.

2. The size that fits them best.

3. A brand that they know makes them look good no matter which style they wear from that brand. Always pay for quality.

4. What type of comfort they require from underwear i.e. tight, roomy, breathable, upward or downward position.

5. Does the underwear make them look sexy and feel good.

Do you guess how many pairs of undies does he own?

“Oh I have no idea. A hundred maybe. I also have lots that have been sent to me by brands from all over the world that I haven’t worn as yet in a separate drawer. He remembers the first sexy undie he wore it was a Jockey a very silky synthetic material underwear that was available in Thailand and he picked them up from there. “That was incredibly sexy and felt very good against my body. For a date I wouldn’t use torn, very loose or dirty underwear on a date. All men should throw out underwear if they ever reach that state. Pay more and buy durable and sexy undie”.

Tuxedo, jockstrap and extreme types

“Oh lovely. The beauty there lies in the contrast of the formal tuxedo as opposed to the sporty jockstrap. The idea is quite titillating. I recently did a review for Sukrew with underwear like this. I never understood the point of open crotch undies since the purpose is to cover them and keep them secure and in position. But I do understand that sometimes they can be quite freeing and sexy and for a man who likes trying different undies or just likes hanging free, these are perfect. Why shouldn’t we have a choice?”.

Fans and revealing

“They have been supportive and for the most part kind to me. I’ve always known that Undie Guy has to be professional and I will not make the videos vulgar. Nudity is totally fine if it is done tastefully and sensuously. I have exposed a bit more when the need has arisen with underwear like aussieBum’s Riot and Sukrew’s U Style undies. There are many who have loved this. One or two who have called this unprofessional and told me to see a therapist! I think people need to get over this whole notion that naked is bad or that your body parts are vulgar. We go to the beach or the pool in swimwear, not in our suit and tie. Everything has a place and in an underwear review I will end up showing a bit of cock and balls of course but I’m not making porn. If people choose to see it that way then it says more about them than it does about me.

Coming out. When he was a child being gay or bi was a taboo but he lived in a family that was pretty open minded. His mother always let him put up posters of hot bikini girls and hot beefy guys in his room without question. It was certainly not as open as things are now with gay parties, pride parades and gay events happening in major cities in India.

“Yes I am open to my family and friends about being gay/bi. I always told the girls I dated or got intimate with that I was bi as well”.

undieguy-2LGBTQ rights

“There is section 377 that criminalises sexual acts between two men. But it doesn’t say that being gay is a crime. So people can be openly gay here, attend gay parties and festivals without fear. We had the Kashish Queer Film Festival here a while ago and it was attended by Sir Ian McKellan and top Bollywood celebrities. So being LGBT is not an issue here at all. It’s just that one archaic law that is never really used but can be misused to blackmail people which needs to change and the process is happening in the courts. I have been to pride parades here in Mumbai several times and they’re fun and have the full permission of the police and local authorities. I want to go for one in another country as well though and see how those are, especially in a place where all the people can march in their underwear”.

The Undie Guy would love travel around the world and have local guys take him around and have an underwear review with them. He would love to visit Latin America and of course Peru

“Yes that would certainly be nice to do as the guys there are hot and they seem to like me as well! I’d just like to say thank you and to all my fans that sexy underwear is important but being a good person and kind man is the real sexy too”.

Tumblr: http://undieguyblog.tumblr.com/


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