NATURIST: Stories of Bill

Bill (16)

I was in my way to write an article about naturism because the subject was very attractive and appealing to me but I postposed it for a while. I think the first time I heard about it was in my childhood maybe in a newspapers or in the news but you know growing up in a small town too much tabooes and prejudices so better don’t talk about it. One sure thing I use to enjoy being nude in my room when nobody could see me.

The subject was always there so the next time I was interested about nude beaches in Peru, my country. I did some research by Facebook with a nudist group however they answered me back saying not allowing gay people in their community.  Hello discrimination!! I stopped and the curiosity returned to me when a city major in my birth town tried to promote a nude beach called Caleta Colorada, sadly it was fake.

This year I was determined to write it and I started to research online where I discovered many enthusiastic Twitter users that were avalaible to tell me their stories like Willie Roberts or just Bill.

Bill is the nudist next door. I requested him by DM for an interview and he said yes without hesitations. Let’s get to know about a man from a small town rural southern Indiana Swimming in ponds and putting up was the way to get fun in his childhood.Just country living.  He studied general studies in school through high school then he got a bachelor in criminal justice.

About friends or family he says they may not understand it but they have no issues with it either. And the most important is he feels great doing what he does.

“I just enjoy the feeling of the sun on me, the warmth, and the freedom it brings. There is no hierarchy when everyone else is naked. Everybody is on the same level. Nobody is out dressing the others”.

Willie doesn’t feels himself sexy or atractive. What do you think my readers and followers?  He lives in Indiana a state with several naturist communities. “I think we rank second to the state of Florida  in nudist numbers”.

Prejudices or stereotypes

“Too much preaching about how evil it is. When in he bible it would appear that’s how we were intended to be until Eve messed it all up for us. LOL”.

When we asked about rules inside the community Bill answers each one have their own but most of them are inclusive with gay people only they don’t allow single gay men because they could be looking for something else.


“I had a classmate in school back in the late eighties who we were pretty sure might be gay. I had one gay friend who I used to make purchases from for the farm back in the day. I have male coupes as friends and one of my coworkers is a female married couple.  LGBT rights were coming along slowly but hey are progressing. About an hour north of us is Bloomington Indiana which has been referred to as he gay capital of the Midwest. It has IU college and is a very liberal area. I was at my coworkers gay marriage but I was out of the state when she got married”.


Bill doesn’t feel an exhibionist he is a naturist that is not afraid about his own body

“Our bodies is what God gave us. Not all a perfect and I doubt we will ever see a perfect body unless it’s airbrushed in a magazine.  And then every bodies perception of perfection is different. It’s up to us to keep healthy or not. Our bodies is what we have or haven’t done for ourselves. Every body is different and no body should be ashamed of how they look. Those stretch marks from having kids tells their story, the incisions from having your chest cut open from heart surgery is a part of your story. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed embrace it as part of what you have endured and look at it as a strength”.

He loves the freedom from restrictive clothing. Very clear, isn’t it?

“I know most of you only get naked when go for a shower or making love but for a naturist being nude is a lifestyle a philosophy. A naturist is a person who is strong, confident, honest and free. A person who loves, respects and apprecites their bodies as well as the bodies of others no matter their size, shapes, color or gender”.

I love male beauty and despite the fact that Willie doesn’t think he is sexy I disagree completely. He is a handsome bear. What do you think? I bet some of you guys are jealous because his happy wife is waiting for that big meal at home everyday. LOL

We took some photos on Skype as he allowed me to shoot a few screen captions. Now let’s go and do feedback with him, but remember he doesn’t waste time with people that is not really interested about naturism. So be nice and behave yourself buddies.


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  1. Naturist Fab says:

    Wonderful. Bill and I follow each other on Twitter. This was a terrific article getting to know Bill better.

    Thank you

    Stay Naked


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Fabien, thanks for your commen and of course we stay naked!!!

    La Revista Diversa team


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