A trip of adventure and wildness, Man Expeditions


Man Expeditions is a great platform for guys who enjoy adventure travel to meet other like-minded guys. Meet Tony Knight, the man in charge. Are you ready to  take this adventure?

“He reached out me on Facebook and asked next time you go to an expedition  can we along with you?  I answered not problem . They  came to the expedition and took a lot of photos  and I posted on the social media network and  I started  to get  calles from everyone  asking for the same thing  and very quickly  I got askefd from friends  of friends  wanting to take them to the expeditions . So it wasn’t  planned it just happened by chance organically and now is an exclusive all gay adventure travel group. Anyone who wants to experiment Africa and wants to do an expedition so it’s what Man Expeditions is all about”.

South Africa , coming out and love

“I was  born and raised in  South Africa  and I was a former professional Eco-Adventure Racer  and a lot of people know me because of it.  They asked me to take them on trip  by  Africa.  What  I  like about Man Expeditions is the community  of guys wanting to  know other guys  alive because you know everybody is online using apps and social media and not getting  to know face to face anymore. The  South Africa goverment  legalise gay marriage because they were very liberal . It was one  of the first countried in the world to give a  law  for same sex couples. But  society was not very open so it was hard  for a gay man to come out.  I know I was gay but like other guys  I tried to  do the right stuff. I was atracted to men but I ignored it and pursued a relationship with women.  I dated my  girlfriend  when I was in high school  and  all they way  when I was in my early twenties . I was three days away to propose her marriage. But I took a sabbatical year out of South Africa from a year and I meet my partner just I said three days before to tell her to marry us. When I meet him is when I realized we had such an amazing strong emotional connection and I never though that before with another man just being with women. I almost fall in love all right away. It was intense and I realized I could not get married with Robin, my exgirlfriend. I didn’t tell her the reason just that I got an offer job in London. It was my excuse that it would not work to have a long distance relationship. I continue to see Greg in Ibiza (Spainh) and I moved there with him living together in Spain eleven years. It’s been amazing he is my soulmate”.

Tony remembers the day he meet Greg was ramdonly and organic because that day he walking in the beach  alone . He had finished an  Adventure Racer in Spain and  he decided to spend a few days  in Ibiza  a time away for vacations.

“I didn’t know if he was gay. We just started talking there . He was in a sabbatical too.  Our flats were in the same city in the same days. We said why don’t just travel together? It was like the universe brought us together and basically wanting to  join  each other.  That’s  what I want for other  gay guys  to meet somebody organically . So we traveled the rest of the year  six month  all around Europe  then I got back to London and he  got back to Canada . We used to travel back for during there years spending a time  in each  country.  And then  we decided  to live together and I asked to my company  transfer to Toronto  and ever since we are here. We don’t think so is necessary to get married but maybe we will”.


Apps and dating

“I don’t want them to force  a relationship online.  The worst thing to do is to go  on  a dating  app  trying to find someone it’s  not the way to meet  somebody if you are looking for true love  and  to have a succesfull  relationship. Here people only see superficially just bodies”.

Gay Rights / Labels

“Canada is a very liberal country supporting gay rights and I know is not fair that you don’t have any kind of laws to protect LGBTQ community very soon. I would tell Latin America gay community to fight for their rights and keep doing the great work and take actions, to create movements and organisations. Reach out your friends to support and help each other. Besides, we should not class ourselves as a minority and segment ourselves away from the rest of society. This is what the global gay community is fighting against. The global gay community is all about achieving equal rights and not being treated differently”.



“I being flattered with calls and e mails, I’ve been contacted by TV producers about a show around me but I don’t know about the next step. I am getting a lot of interest from the gay community and a lot of support. People see us like an opportunity to make something different to do something that they never done before but also is an opportunity to connect other guys looking for the same thing. We are in a different party I mean like Barcelona doing the opposite enjoying the nature, outdoors and  not going to bars or clubs or drunk or doing drugs. We allow people to sit down and do a conversation not like online”.

Man Expeditions Profile

“The top  of the guys coming to the trip are like  CEOS of companies, executives that enjoy adventures and natural lifestyle  and they don’t have time to go a bar . They are  guys  that like to be in shape . The best of the best about  quality.  They got everything together in their lives, but also we got guys that are not neccesary fit. We don’t requiere to you be in physical shape to enjoy this trip. We had a seventy years old man coming with us. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you look like or ages. 70 percent are singles 30 percent are couples some of the singles fall in love in the trips and they are in a relationship now. I want guys be more confident about themselves. I want make a change in people’s life”.

Helping Africa

Tony also created  Man Expeditions in support of WWF-Canada   to raise funds and awareness about the importance of animal welfare. All donations and sponsorships raised here will go along way to protect species at risk and the spaces they call home. Tony created also a way  to sponsor a Lion within the release phase programme_Man Expeditions Support Page. He is a big activist  fighting for protection  to  Africa wildlife because they are in danger.

“The goal through our community’s trip initiatives is to drive awareness about the importance of animal welfare. Donations and sponsorships will go a long way to protect endangered species and the spaces they call home”.

The man

He studied Logistics Engineering  and Supply Chain Management en Unisa – The University of South Africa.  Also he is a Former Pro Eco-Adventure Racer & Kayaker.

“This trip is very healing. I want to create this safe place for the gay community because in Africa you need to be careful. Some African countries is ilegal to be gay so I know how to react becasuse I am from there and I know where places we can go and what to do and where don’t go. For example we need to avoid any kind of public affection like don’t touch or kiss each others. I am aware of it so is secure because in my mind is all the time to keep the guys safe. I hope more guys from Latin America can join the adventure. I find people very interesting. I like Rio and the mountains. I was also in Buenos Aires and of course Mexico”.

Of course  Tony works  out a  lot  to  keep  fitness.  He got retired at 27 from professional  competition Eco  Adventure  Racer but stil he  trains  seven  eight hour ech day 3 hours in the morning  and then four hours  late afternoon.  He does swimming , rock climbing,  running. As you notice  Tony is very disciplined  as he needs to be in charge of the  bunch of guys on Man Expeditions.

“I did this my  whole life.  My  partner travels with me  always  but he doesn’t have my experience  he helps me to coordinate  and the bookings . He is older than me but  not that much and it was never an issue because he enjoys the same things and  motivations. To be honest my hobbie is adventure travel trips, for me is not a business is my pasion. Anything about to sports I love it and is what makes me feel alive. I am 37 years old but mentally I am a sixty years old man LOL”.

Burning  Man

“I was in  Burning Man two  years ago and as a gay man it changed my life.  It was very spiritual and  when I got there I realized  the energy was so incredible.  You can feel the love.  I enjoyed the conversations  about other stories and gave me perspective about my life and  how important is  to be authentic  to find out I don’t care what  people think about me  because I am who  I am.  And I am a good person.  I love everyone I don’t mind where you came from”.


Sexy question

Who is the sexiest man alive in the world?

“A big question (Laughs). I would say Hugh Jackman, he is good looking but he got an energy is attractive to me and not know but back in the days Mel Gibson”.

He confess me he gets a lof of messages from  guys telling how handsome  they find him.

“I look in the mirror and I know I am fit but I am not attractive in that way about myself. I  don’t get it when people send to me those funny comments about my body. I t’s flattering  and I say thanks bu then I ignore it because I care about other things about Man Expeditions and give gay guys an unique opportunity to make a big trip to the adventure of their lives”.

Now buddies, what are you waiting for?  You are still at time, next stop i SouthAfrica and Namibia in March. If you are looking for  an adventure travel community dventure/outdoor/fitness related travel expeditions in Africa. All ages and fitness levels welcome.  Let’s trip with Tony, get on board with Man Expeditions!!!!


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