ART: Moxy Hart, portrait of male beauty


Between 2009 and 2011 I did many English interviews and Moxy Hart was one of the artists I talked to. Last sunday I found from Mikey Breyette’s blog that Moxy is gone. Sad to hear this. At 2009 I interviewed a truly artist and a a man with a funny genuine soul. He brought us male beauty to enjoy and celebrate trough his art.

RIP  Moxy Hart (1975 – 2016)  sorrounded by the naked angels in the land of  freedom.

Something about Moxy Hart is that he is such a passionate man. He was born in a small town in Gauteng South Africa in 1976 where he grew up in a family of non-artists. After to finish his studies in fashion design he worked in the industry and created his own company but he decided to sell it and to be a full time painter. Since then his paintings have been sold in art galleries across South Africa and abroad. Relocated to Cape Town four years ago he has been concentrating on depicting the male form and masculine beauty.

Moxy was the second gay painter I interviewed.

“I am a gay man and I paint for a gay audience so that would be. Spot on. My work has been bought by heterosexual people; I don’t think it needs to be classified as purely gay. I depict masculine beauty that is something that has been around for centuries, many of the old masters depicted men and I’m having a glass of wine, I deserve it after a hard day.

Coming out

 “After the initial big dramatic “coming out” to my family, I decided the worst part was over. I am SUPER confident and happy with my sexuality, I love being gay. I spent a long time doing things that didn’t make me happy, now I do what I love, I just happen to be a gay man painting men. If you do what you love, it’s easy no matter what the social nonsense might be to add to that, I never thought it was something I had to do – come out as a gay artist. “Ordinary” artist for want of a better word never have to come out as such. And art is usually controversial anyway. I realised early on something was “different” suddenly certain boys at school looked more and more appealing to me, but growing up in a super conservative old school town, it was very hard. I did drawings as a kid; I had scrapbooks full of them. And there was always the well built hero saving the maiden in them. And I distinctly remember getting a huge kick out of them. So my work has its roots very early in my childhood. I did what any self respecting little gay boy would do at the age of 15 I tried to commit suicide! My folks found out in a rather dramatic fashion that I was gay and my dad kicked me out the house. I left at the age of 18 and went and did my own thing. Pardon me for being flippant about that, but I was in such a dark place, coming from a family with 4 straight brothers who at the time seemed like they couldn’t and wouldn’t ever accept me, a one horse homophobic town, one thing led to another and I just wanted to end it all! I am glad it wasn’t successful and like my heterosexual peers I couldn’t live out my life as a gay teenager. There was this boy in high school I had a HUGE crush on, and he on me, but we couldn’t do anything about it because of our surroundings. I still feel sad about that. It is a shame that that kind of thing still happens in schools around the world. I had very supportive friends. I got a job and a place to live and then met a great guy. He is an artist, too; he was older than me and showed me the ropes. Sort of like a mentor for me. We were together for 10 years. My family asked me to return home and so I did but with my boyfriend. I think in the end my mom loved him more than she loved me! She still asks about him. So all’s well that ends well as they say!  But now I am here and I am an adult and I get to live my life exactly as I please!  I hope some young boy reads this and realises there is light at the end of the tunnel. I went from wanting to end my life to possibly one of the happiest gay people on the planet!”..


“I don’t think my work is controversial at all, but it all depends on who you “expose” it to. I couldn’t have an exhibition in an old age home for instance…hehe I just create what I find beautiful, there is enough ugliness in the world.You never have to look too hard to find beauty. I live in a spectacularly beautiful place, so my surroundings inspire me to want to be creative. As for the where I am now lucky enough to have models from all over the world, all of them gracious enough to let me immortalize them as a drawing or painting. I guess it is the highest form of flattery when an artists asks you to paint your portrait or image. Gone are the days of sitting for hours and days on end posing for the artist, it’s a sign of the times I guess. I must say for me personally I prefer working from photographs, you can get more detail and I don’t get distracted… if you know what I mean… LOL”.

moxy2A force of nature

“Well describing yourself as a force of nature is better than calling you crazy. You will notice I also refer to myself as a mad hatter. I am just one of those happy people that believe life is soooo precious and short. You just simply HAVE to do what you love. It’s difficult to describe exactly what the creative process feels like, but it comes from somewhere very deep in your soul. A day feels like an hour for me when I’m in the “zone” it just flows out of you. I try not to be tortured by it either. Sometimes you do go through artist’s block, that is awful, but I don’t fight it. I just let it pass and continue when I’m feeling inspired again. I am definitely wild and passionate. There is SO much I want to do, so many ideas, and just never enough time. The one drawback of my chosen medium – oil on canvas – is that you cannot rush it; it’s a painstakingly slow process and you better make sure you make every second count”.

Homophobia and intolerance 

“It sickens me, but I also understand their point of view. It’s difficult to be enlightened when you are afraid, the people hating us the way they do are just afraid. The unknown is a scary place. I am hoping for humanity to evolve. I firmly believe homosexuality is evolutionary, Mother Nature’s contraceptive. It happens in animals; of course it will happen in humans. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to change people’s beliefs. But I have personally changed many bigoted and ignorant people’s point of view. Once they realise you are a human and your “condition” is normal they become more accepting. The one thing that always really gets me is when they say it’s a choice. That has to be the most ridiculous statement ever. Who would choose to go through all that pain of being hated”.


Art and Activism

“I guess in a way that was in the back of my mind. I would love to be a positive role model.
There is always a controversial thing about full frontal male nude, but for the majority it is easy to see a full frontal female nude. A few nights ago I was talking to a friend of mine, he is an old teacher and he is straight and he is always open to see art where there is art. So when I showed him Bel Ami photos with a hard on, he said that for him it was art and not pornography. Hey, you know, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. It really depends on how it’s perceived and received. I don’t think I would ever paint a hard on – unless someone commissioned me to do it, then I will gladly do so. But there is a market for everything and humans should just live and let live, I say!”


“My next projects will feature my own personal fantasies; they are sort of mythical in nature like the Greek gods and everything I’ve done up until now has really just been me challenging my skill. To see how far I can go with it. I am so excited to see where my work will be in say 5 years time. The difference in work I produce now compared to my work 4 years ago is staggering and it’s very exciting”.


“I don’t think my work will ever be there, they still only have one whore, I mean horse! No, that’s behind me, my family still live there, but that’s my only connection with it. About my family I think they don’t really know how to articulate their feelings, but they are proud. I was down there recently for a friend’s wedding and spent some time with them. I took drawings with me; they were fascinated by the process”.


Full time artist

“It was a huge risk and easier money than to be a full time artist. I went through some rough patches, but I just kept doing what I love. I firmly believe if you do that, life will show you the way and you will find success. My work is being appreciated by a growing audience; it’s a very exciting time for me”.

Happiest moment in life

“At risk of sounding too deep and profound, it would have to be the day I finally learnt to love myself unconditionally, it happened about 4 years ago here in Capetown. I just laugh and enjoy life as much as I possibly can. I think if you love yourself everything else falls into place! Now I just need a co-creator. I don’t believe in marriage, too many divorces, but I would love to have a super romantic commitment ceremony with someone one day. I prefer to call “him” my co-creator, as in creating a life together, an equal. I kind of get a kick out of guys that are headstrong and do something entirely different to what I do, that way you can be interested in each other’s lives for real, so the question “honey how was your day?” would really interest you. I lived and worked with a partner 24/7 it’s a recipe for disaster. I want my guy to have his own life, have interests other than me. I think that makes for a healthy relationship”.

Very sexual person 

“Bad man! Yes, of course I am, not the kind of hanging from the chandeliers stuff, but I am super romantic and I am going to be reaaaaallly good to the next funky monkey to come into my life. I am utterly and completely ready for Mister Right. I have this thing, I am into men that look simian, dark and sexy, think Billy Zane or the guy from “My Name is Earl.” It’s strange I know and he has got to have opposable thumbs. Gay boys can be very silly and very naughty, but once again, that is just the nature of men. Men are as a rule more highly sexed than women, put 2 together and sparks fly. Add to the equation the “taboo” of being gay and it paves the way for the promiscuous behaviour of a lot of gay men. But it’s easy for our straight counterparts to point fingers, just because straight is considered normal does not mean they get up to what gay men get up to and MUCH MUCH worse!! Everyone who is sexually active is at risk of contracting HIV and you need to wise up and the best way to do that is to LOVE yourself, you need to respect your body. For me personally I don’t understand promiscuity, there’s something very sacred about connecting with someone sexually. I can’t get myself to do the wham bam thank you sir thing and never see the person again”.


“I believe you don’t learn, you just remember, remember who you really are… as in RE-MEMBER, putting all the pieces together. Life is so much fun, good friends, good wine, good chocolate, good cheesecake, and laughter, lots and lots and lots and lots of it! That’s life!!  I would love to tell them to find something everyday to laugh about, look at something beautiful everyday. Take 5 minutes to gaze at the stars, look at yourself in the mirror and say – DAMN you’re HOT!”




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