ART: Jonathan Lemieux, artiste & auteur

I found Jonathan in a kilt magazine called The Kilted Bros. Righ there he was striking the pose with a very sexy tartan kilt. His full name is Jonathan Lemieux and as you noticed in the photo above he is a very sexy bear but also a very talented and multidisciplinary artist who lives in Canada. He makes videos, installations, performances, paintings, modelling and writing.

His videos are distributed by Videographe (Montreal) and Vtape (Toronto), and have been screened around the world in high-profile festivals. He published Survivre avec une poignée de change, an experimental cookbook, which got an amazing media coverage around Canada. We need to taste that, don’t you think so?

Jonathan is the author of numerous erotic gay short stories for magazines like All bear or his own ebooks like Daddy Obssesion, oh la lá!!!. And also he is designer of clothes and accessories with his own brand JONObeard.

Let’s take the pleasure to meet this charming man. But don’t feel lucky buddies because he is happily taken.

Enchanté, messieur!

How it was your coming out?

I came out almost 15 years ago. It went well, I’ve always been surrounded by great people. And at that time, I was talking to a lot of guys in various internet chatrooms. The conversations I had with men my age and older were a great way for me to feel normal in my newly confessed sexuality. It was a very positive experience.

Do you consider an activist?

I think that we accomplished a lot but at the moment, a lot of countries are not respecting basic human rights, and are very cruel to gays. Daily, I hear horribly tales of torture and humiliation. I am an activist in the sense that I keep myself abreast of what’s going on in the world as far as gay issues, and do my best locally to defend anyone that is discriminated whether because of their sexuality but also their race and religion.

Jonathan Lemieux La Revista Diversa Bio

When it was the first time did you wear a scotch kilt? Do you wear something inside or nothing?

Last Summer, I was surfing the web and stumbled upon the Kilted Bros website. I fell in love with their kilts. I had never worn one before, but at the sight of their custom made ones, I knew I had to own one. The photo you saw on their Instagram was taken by one of my friends during the Christmas Holidays. This was the first time in my life that I wore a kilt. And of course, I wear it the right way with nothing under it.

As artist  which art express much better your ideas, feelings or emotions, is it the installation, performance, writing, painting, videography or modelling or all of them?

Five years ago I would have answered video. But today, I think it’s the writing. A couple of years ago, I published my first book in the form of an experimental cookbook. I had never thought in a million years that I would ever have the opportunity to have a project of mine edited and printed by a big publishing house. But something about writing felt right. So right now, I think that even though I have a hard time calling myself an author, it’s where I feel most at my place in the creating world.

“Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be an artist. I always drew and painted a lot, and took theatre lessons for more than a decade. I love it. I acted in over thirty plays when I was younger. And naturally, I gravitated towards cinema, video production, and then I just experienced with everything and anything. My mom always encouraged me to do whatever I was passionate about”.

When did it start your interest about eroticism? 

In the last few years, I have been interested in the questions of sexuality, and especially homosexual male sexuality and presentation. It just came naturally to me. I love the complexity of sex, and the subtleties of gay male sexuality. Since my art is an extension of me, it was only normal that this interest in sex would tint my art production. I’m currently doing a master degree in film history and esthetic and last semester I took a porn studies class. Before that, I might would have told you that porn isn’t art, but now, I have a totally different perspective. I think that anything can be art if it has a message.

Jonathan Lemieux La Revista Diversa English

Being a bear

“I have no idea in which category I fit in the bear world. I am gay and hairy, and if people want to put me in other boxes, well so be it. But I don’t do that myself. What I’ll say is that I love the bear community because it’s a great support system. Bears have been especially nice to me, and me to them. It’d hard to describe but it’d like there is a special bond between hairy guys. Sounds crazy but it’s true. Hairy or not, I am a sexual person”.

How often do you trimm? Have you ever once shave your whole body?

I have shaven my entire body once but to see what it felt like. But I hated how itchy I felt when it all grew back. I don’t trim my body, just my beard. Sometimes I trim my pubes but that’s when I’m tired of having hairs get stuck in my cockring.

Tell me more about your modeling work? 

Although these is a modeling section on my personal website, I don’t call myself a model. I have great photographer friends that like to work with me, and it’s always fun. If my images carry a positive message and affect people in a good way, I’ll be super happy. If people like them for their esthetic, them great too. And really, I’m not sure what men generally find sexy in me. Some tell me my belly, others my beard. It depends I guess. But I would not be comfortable doing a fill frontal, and would ever do a shooting hard. I wouldn’t like to have that photo travel all over the internet.

JonoBeard brand

“It’s actually going great. I’ve had many clients tell me how happy they were to finally be able to purchase clothes from me. And they love the design as much as the fabric of the clothes. It’s a great way for me to get me name around”.

What are your personal and professional goals for the following five years?

I’m currently doing my masters in Switzerland, and I have not yet thought of that to do next. I want to continue writing. In September, Bruno Gmünder is publishing my first gay male erotic short stories compilation. We’ll see how that goes because if the response is good, I want to create a series of compilations books.

Good Luck!

Thanks, you are very sweet.

Did you hear about Peru, my country?

I didn’t here much except from the fact that it’s beautiful and that people are really nice there. And the men are usually very sexy.

Of course We are!!!


JonoBeard Jonathan Lemieux La Revista Diversa

And here the sexy details.

What is the sexiest underwear or swimmwear have you ever wear? I have an Aussiebum speedo that’s pretty sexy as we can see my bulge in all its glory. The sexiest underwear would have to be a jock. I love jocks.

Have you ever been in a nude beach? Oh yes, a few times, and I love it.

Do you like or do you watch porn? Any favorites? Of course I love porn, who doesn’t. I love EricVideos, Bromo, MachoFucker, MaverickMen, DaddyIssues, MuscleBearPorn, but as for pornstars I love Rocco Steele, Trenton Ducati and Sergeant Miles.

The wildest sexual fantasy in your life or still the ones you want to make it happens?
I love the idea of an orgy culminating with a huge bukkake. But some things are meant to stay in the fantasy world. Who knows what my sexual future holds for me.

Who is the sexiest man alive in Canada and the world?

“I’ll be corny, but the sexiest man alive in the world for me is my husband”.

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