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His name is Jonny Aka Tha Naked I, a 26 years old young from a small town in Sweden. His childhood was pretty average, nothing too crazy or anything like that, just regular stuff  that kids do like sports, video games, hanging out with friends and so on. He got a general high school diploma and took some college courses in IT, economics and music, but not a whole 3+ years program. Jonny is not a conventional artist because he creates art portraying his own naked body to invite others to lose their own prejudices and fears.

He was always creative, and started taking photos and editing them many years ago, like 5 or 6. However they were just regular photos. Then almost 2 years ago, Jonny started shooting artistic nudes of himself and editing them, adding effects. It was the time when he released his 1st creation about, just for fun, and to see what people thought of it.

“It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, about body acceptance and being in harmony with nature. I guess I do, I think every human being is attractive in their own special way, with their perfect imperfections”.

The naturist, the artist, the man

On Twitter you describe yourself as “Artist | Nudist | Blogger | Art Model. I create Nude Digital Art”, Which one do you like or enjoy the most particularly?

I enjoy them all very much, but if I had to pick one, I’d have to say I love nudism the most, to be naked. Nudity is life for me. I’m clothes free as much as I possibly can, I only get dressed when I absolutely have to. Of course, modern society forces people to have clothes on in most public places, so I have to abide by those rules too when I go to work or to the store etc. However, at home I’m naked 99% of the time.  When the weather is nice, I go on nude hikes in the forrest. I visit the nearest nudist camping/beach every chance I get (it’s too cold here in Sweden most of the year, so it’s open only between the end of May to the beginning of September). I’m also an art model for life drawing classes, so I’m nude during there as well. These are just a few examples, but you get the picture.

Your concept quote: “Others hide their bodies, I hide my face” , Why? 

The norm in today’s society is that people cover most of their beautiful bodies (which many are ashamed of sadly, due to body shaming and the media showing “perfect” bodies, when actually everybody is beautiful the way they are in my opinion), and only show their face. So I do the exact opposite, I don’t reveal my face but show my body. That’s the thinking behind my concept. Other things that I can mention are body positivity, body acceptance and of course naturism.

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What artists did influence in your art?

Actually what influences me most is the greatest creation, the breathtaking human body in its natural state. Otherwise I just kind of do my own thing, I don’t try to imitate or copy other’s work. I think everybody who works with nudity in some way is doing something awesome. However, I do think that artists should get more recognition. Some I particularly admire are Milo Moiré, Martin O’Brien and Lena Chen, just to name a few. I also like some photographers and models, but way too many to name.

Did you enjoy being nude since a little boy?

Yes I did, until my teenage years, but then like many others I became very self conscious for some time, it was naturism that got me out of that and back to enjoying being naked.

When did you realize you wanted to be a naturist?

I am naturist since 3 years ago, it wasn’t a sudden moment, but as I gradually got more and more into it, I slowly realized that naturism is perhaps the best thing to ever happen for me, it made my life complete. Ever since I been a naturist I can say I’m happier and healthier, the two most important things in life.

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How it was your first time in a naturist community? 

I was a bit nervous I guess, but since I was already naked plenty times at home, I wanted to take the next step. So I went to a nude beach/camping, and after just a few initial jitters, I got comfortable pretty fast with being naked in front of other naked people, it felt great and natural. It took me about 10-15 minutes probably to get over the weirdness part, and after that it was all jolly.

Have you ever feel bad because people, friends or family not understanding about you being a naturist?

I was frustrated with some of the people in my life who didn’t want to accept me being a naturist in the initial stages, but over time it got better, and now all the people who matter to me understand naturism way more and/or my passion for it, so they are ok with it.

What it is the most difficult part of being naturist?

I suppose the most difficult time is when it’s cold, because then you can’t really be clothes free outside, just at home or indoor places. The best place to be naked is of course in nature, when the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is warm.

Why still society has many prejudices or stereotypes about homoerotic and nudity art? 

That’s a really good question. Nudity in art has been around quite some time, of course it had periods when it was not common, but all in all, I actually think that art is where nudity is most accepted. Now, of course there are prejudices and stereotypes, but it is what it is. One of the main reasons has to be the way society has handled the concept over time.

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Social Network

How is it the feedback with followers on Twitter? 

It has been nearly all positive, people seem to really like what I do. I have some followers who nearly always like and retweet my stuff, they are true supporters. I get compliments quite often as well, and my account just keeps on growing steadily.

Have you ever meet other twitter friends in person?

To be honest I haven’t done that, because none of them live close to me. However, I’m hoping to change that this summer.  I may meet up with them on a nakation, like say Euronat in France. Also, I would like to work with some fellow artists and photographers I met on twitter to create.

How do you feel about the comments about your body?

I appreciate all the support I get, as long as it’s genuine and tasteful. Many people appreciate my artistic aspect, some do compliment my body, but as long as it’s respectful it is quite all right. However, every now and then I get a few vulgar comments, certain individuals just don’t care about the art part whatsoever, they just want to see naked men. Those people usually get blocked, because they completely misinterpret what I do. I can take a tasteful compliment, and I appreciate it too. But some of the stuff people have written to me have been bothersome, and those I just ignore and block people who have written to me in an inappropriate way.

Vimeo Channel:


Do you have any gay or lesbian friends? Gay Couples?

Actually I have a few, and they are all wonderful people. I think everybody is entitled to happiness and I support LGBT people a 100%.

Do you remember a gay movie or gay role on TV or cinema?

 Yes, I have seen a few movies and know some gay roles. Brokeback Mountain was huge of course, just to give an example.

What is the most gay friendly thing did you in your life? Did you go to a gay parade or gay disco?

I have been a few times to the yearly parade for LGBT people, it’s quite nice actually. tn the other hand. There isn’t a gay disco anywhere close to me.

How do you see LGBT rights in your country and worldwide? 

Here in Sweden it is quite well accepted to be an LGBT person, in comparison to certain other countries. I also think that people are slowly opening up to the whole thing more and more worldwide, but there are exceptions of course. It will get better and better over time though.

Have you ever been in a gay wedding?

Not yet, but I might be going to one in the near future, because one of my good friends has seemed to have found true love, so it’s a matter of time before he gets married I think.

No name


Do you consider a little exhibitionist?

A little bit yes, I suppose, because truthfully, art is an exhibition of a certain thing, it shows how the artists interprets that thing and how the artist wants to present it. Me being the model in my art and not just the artist, I do exhibit my body. But I’m not an exhibitionist in the traditional way, I don’t flash my bare body to people on the street and so on.

How do you enjoy your own sexuality?

I enjoy my sexuality the way most people do, I love having sex and so on, but since naturism is often mistaken to be sexual, which is completely wrong, I won’t go into further details.

Again the sterotypes and prejudices, but also things related to religion or morality.


What do you enjoy more about being nude?

I feel so free, relaxed and comfortable. It feels natural and right. The feeling I get is exhilarating.

Who is the sexiest man alive in your country and the world?

I don’t need to think too much to say Zlatan in Sweden and Carmelo Anthony or Omari Hardwick in the world.

What do you know about Peru my country?

I don’t know that much, just a few things. I know you guys speak Spanish, are situated in South America and your ancestors were the Incas I believe. I also know that many are quite religious, if I’m not mistaken. I’d love to see your country someday, I bet it’s beautiful.

You are welcome to visit us. Welcome!!

Thank you very much, I will do it if I have the opportunity, I would love to visit someday 🙂 !

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