CAUSES: Mr. Outdoors, a butt for good


We can find very creative and supportive people all around the world making the chance by giving their time and raising money for a good cause, and the social network is a powerful tool. Some of them use the best they got: their own bodies but clothes off of course. One week ago I found this amazing Instagrammer called Mr. Outdoors who is putting his ripped butt exposed. And already he developed a huge fan base to accomplish a good mission: profits for charity.

I approached to him by DM on Instagram and he was very nice with the reply. I was glad he said yes to do the interview, but when I saw that almost all my questions were not answered I was kind dissapointed as a journalist after all I spent time working on them. Despite the small feedback I decided not to put it down and go ahead. The idea for this article was to tell Mr. Outdoors story and let people get to know him a little more.

He is young, fresh and beautiful. He loves outdoors, working out and bare all for sure. The rest is a mistery and maybe it will stayed in that way but who really knows…

Straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual…it doesn’t matter to satisfy the pleasure only for our eyes. Just one single man is guilty: Mr. Outdoors. And the most important thing he does it for a good cause.

“Here are the answers to the questions I feel are important and directly related to what I am doing. I am a very private person and anonymity is part of this project. It’s not about me but about the cause. That’s why I don’t show face or reveal personal information about myself”.

Who is Mister Outdoors?

Just a guy who enjoys adventure and the outdoors au naturel.

When did you decide to create this initiative called Butt For Good? What it was your motivation?

I started the Instagram just as a fun thing for myself. I didn’t plan for it to get so many followers and fans. Many people kept asking me if they can buy the photos and that’s when I got the idea to do something good with it. So that’s how I started

You opened your Instagram in August last year, why did you choose this social network instead Twitter or Facebook?

I like the simplicity of instagram and they say picture is worth a 1000 words. So that’s why.

What were your reasons to select Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Black Lives Matter to donate the 5O percent of the photography price?

Due to the current political and social climate in the US I wanted to cover as much as possible supporting organizations that are making impact and assuring that EVERYONE is treated with decency and their basic human rights are protected.

Have you ever heard about my country Peru? Did you travel to Latin America already? We invite you to come and visit, will be a pleasure to show the city and around.

I have been to Peru before. I have traveled all over Latin America. It’s a beautiful part of the World. Thank you.

Now, let’s start to buy a butt for good!!


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