STYLE: Bob Copani, the Italian American haircutter model


I bet because loooking at Bob Copani photos right here you would call him a silver daddy, but he says: “Regarding labels…call me a daddy, call me a bear, call me an otter, call me whatever positive name you’d like….as long as you call me”. Do you feel lust? With Bob stereotypes and prejudices doesn’t work, because he enjoys being a mature gay man, meanwhile many guys over 50 think they are too old to feel themselves attractive Bob’s journey have just started.

I had a very nice talking with this handsome man on Skype. I felt his good vibrations around, calm and tranquility. He wore a sexy t-shirt and red shorts, very sexy outfit. Looking at his deep eyes was like navigate trough a secure ocean. I am in front of a 57 years old Italian American haircutter with a very passionate heritage and he smiles telling about his life…

Bob was born in upstate New York, he knew who was from very early on and never had a problem or any issues with his parents and oldest brother because being gay.

“I had 2 GI Joe dolls (army dolls), but they never fought and just wore each other’s clothes, held hands and kissed, and slept next to each other every night. I was probably 7 years old at the time and it was very natural to behave this way. I was a very sexual child/young adult in the late 60s/70s and had no problem being sexual with my friends at the time….we were all boys exploring our bodies, which was very natural for us. We were just being boys, no title associated to what we were doing…just having fun”.

Since a little boy he uses to watch his dad cutting hair. The smells of a barber shop, handle the clippers and scissors. Bob could see how much he loved what he did. Then realized he wanted to do the same thing one day. He went to school to learn everything about hair as soon as he graduated from high school.

“This is my 39th year cutting hair. I learned from him how to be present for your clients, keeping your workplace and yourself, spotless and clean…and just to give 110% for every person in your chair. I have never had the desire to have my own salon, I like not having that stress in my life”:

He remembers when AIDS came along.

“We were reading the papers trying to understand what was going on. I moved to San Francisco in 1985 when it was taking its full toll on so many young people my own age. I would see contemporaries in wheelchairs, walkers, canes or just struggling to walk. It was a sad time, and there were so many unsung heroes helping in any way they could since the government under Reagan was doing nothing to speak of. There were times, even into the 90’s, that I would do my clients final haircut in their hospital bed. You just did what you had to do….so many people did so much to help”.

As a teenager he used to go to Gay Activists Alliance meetings which was on a university campus. In that time he was 16 but told them he was older and loved sitting in on those meetings….discussing gay issues of the day (1976) and meeting other gay guys.

Bob Copani Model La Revista Diversa.jpg


“I think society is a bit more accepting these days. I would never want to be “tolerated” by someone, acceptance is my goal. With trump in Washington things are definitely a bit crazy in terms of equality, but I think it will turn the complacent into warriors, protecting and maintaining the rights we currently have”.

Bob is naturist and has made a lifestyle of it because he feels his body free of everything and of course not wasting time about what to wear on. Well he doesn’t walk nude in the middle of the street but he does at his house and with friends.

“My first time as a naturist was as a 9 or 10 year old kid…getting naked in my back yard after my parents were asleep. I always wanted to feel the air on my naked skin and sought nudity out every chance I could. I’d consider myself a naturist/nudist/naked guy. I love going to the nude beach here in San Francisco as often as the weather permits. Any time I can go on a naked hike with friends, I try to make it happen. I have a great network of nudist friends here in SF. Fortunately I haven’t encountered negative attitudes about my nudity because I own it unapologetically. I’m proud of the nudist/naked guy that I am because it’s just a naked human body…..which we all have. I like to challenge people that don’t understand nudism, I like to find out why they’re uncomfortable with it. I never want to make someone uncomfortable, just to understand what they’re thinking or their misconceptions. It’s silly (and sad) that on social networks that breasts, a vagina or a penis needs to be covered but violence, war or gore is ok. It’s so strange that the human body is considered obscene or NSFW, but so many unnatural things are allowed. People’s own shame has skewed how nudity, or a nude body, is perceived.

Bob tells me the first time he saw a nude man in a magazine was probably Life Magazine in the 60’s when they did a story on the Woodstock music festival and showed naked guys swimming in a pond. Bob was mesmerized and never looked back.

“I consider myself an exhibitionist, just like everyone else. If you wear a flashy suit and tie, or totally nude…you’re still exhibiting yourself one way or another. I’m a very sensual, sexual, erotic, tactile loving person. I’m all about touch and positive interaction. Life is too short, in my opinion, to feel otherwise”.

Bob Copani 001 La Revista Diversa.jpgIf you go trough Instagram you will find many sexy photos of him and also videos where he shows tips and advices, the grooming for your moustache and beard. Let’s work buddies!!

“The feedback on instagram from my videos has been hugely positive and I appreciate it greatly. I like reminding guys that just because you’re over 50 (or in my case, closer to 60), that you shouldn’t let yourself go and hide away. Maintain your body, maintain your sense of style, stay groomed and have a healthy positive outlook. We are all mirrors, the energy we put out is what we attract back to us. Remember that regular facial hair grooming is so important…keep the beard neat, the mustache trimmed, the eyebrows trimmed (get a magnifying mirror) and guys, don’t forget the nose hairs. Our skin is our largest organ…moisturize and protect it with as though your life depends on it, which it does. Maintain your body, it just makes aging that much easier”.

He is a fashion person…to an extent. He thinks everybody should find whatever style speaks to you. Wear what look makes you happy, own it and wear it BUT make sure it fits.

“A tailor can make a $2 shirt look like a $200 shirt, it’s all about the fit. I also don’t think your outfit should enter the room before you do, find a look that doesn’t detract from who YOU are”.

Working out makes him feel healthy, 4 days a week is great. An hour at a time to train different body parts on different days. Weight training is incredibly important to maintain mental and physical health.

“I always tell people to brush their teeth naked, you’re staring in the mirror and it forces you to really SEE yourself”. (Are you ready to do that?)

Bob also models for clothing companies, or for any business that wants to use this “look” and it happens of course clothes onIt’s a youth obsessed culture, but I like to represent the silver haired guys out there”. Actually an Italian citizen as well as a US citizen, he embraces his European heritage. Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich….there are so many cities he likes to travel, but no one favorite because truly love the unique qualities they all possess.

The first modeling job I had I was 16 or 17, doing an advertisement for a modeling agency. Why do I model now? I like to show that not every product has to have a 20 something year old in their ads…us silver haired folk can be just as effective (and maybe sometimes more).

LGBTQ rights

Regarding LGBTQ rights worldwide,. I just wish people would realize. We want nothing “special”, just “equal”.

Bob Copani 002 La Revista DiversaWhen I ask him how does he sees himself in five years Bob answers me since he is not even sure what he is having for dinner tonight, 5 years might be just a tad too far in the future. “Let’s just say I hope to be a happy, kind, and loving guy….not unlike what I am today. Any obstacle can be thrown at me but hopefully I’ll have the ability to deflect it. Time will tell”.

“I haven’t been to Peru…..yet. A friend of mine was there last year and told me that he loved it. Maybe one day I’ll visit and you can be my tour guide”.

And here a few sexy questions:

Do you have still any sexual fantasy to fulfill?

I still have many sexual fantasies to fulfill. I’m always looking for people to assist in that goal. Sex is the most incredibly wonderful thing that should be enjoyed and embraced. Often.

What part of your body you like the most?

I like my entire body. Like so many others, it’s easy to see flaws, but I really try to focus on the positives and not let the negatives take over. And if I see something I don’t like, then I’ll do my best to “fix” it if I can.

Who is the sexiest man alive in the world?

I think the sexiest man in my country and worldwide, is a man who loves himself and loves others without judgement, who takes care of himself mentally and physically & who allows others to be happy. I think that’s sexy. We all come in different shapes and sizes, different colors and ages, and different outlooks on life. We are all sexy one way or another.

Take note. If you are thinking about San Francisco  for your next vacations, please don’t forget to contact Bob in Castro. This great buddy is always ready to make the haircut that you need and of course to have a great conversation.


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