ART: The world of Ian Jacob Zuidema

Ian Jacob LaRevistaDiversa

Ian Jacob is a very creative and talented young artist. He also loves modeling and show up his body in photo artwork and social network but not as you imagine. Nude huh? Nope, because we all need to leave something to the imagination, don’t you think so?

Hairy, blond and beautiful blue eyes, come on and meet this attractive single hunk who is ready to tell us his story…

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How it was growing up in Washington DC? 

Growing up in DC is unique. I heard the attack at the Pentagon on 9/11, the president would get ice cream in my neighborhood, and the kid cheating off me in Government class in high school was the son of a senator. There are experiences here you don’t really get elsewhere because it is so political, international, and metropolitan.

“I always thought I was queer, but I was so horribly depressed starting around age 10 that I chose not to focus on that. I figured I didn’t need to think about inviting romance or sex into my life until I could wake up in the morning without wanting to die. I didn’t come out until I was 19, and no body had an issue with it. I didn’t know any gay men. Most boys in school mad fun of me so I didn’t really have any male friends. To be honest I was a bit of a lone-wolf”.

You told me you are still studyng. How it’s going college?

College is tough. Im older now, I’m going back to finish a degree I put on hold. I’m busier, so much busier than when I was actually college-aged.

And writing helped you to deal with depression…

I started writing poetry when art school ruined art for me. It was a tough time and art had become work instead of a release. I wrote a lot about my depression, and wanting to die and not knowing why I existed. I was inspired early on by a lot of folk music and 90s rock and roll. I don’t really read poetry, I always worry that I will just end up writing what I’ve read. I don’t think I’ll ever try to publish my writing but writing has become an important part of my creative process. I don’t really read poetry, but I do enjoy most of Dan Brown’s novels, nothing beats a conspiracy that throws shade at religious establishments.

Right now my life is very challenging, I’m being pulled in three directions while I’m still recovering from losing a man that I thought was going to be my husband. Im being pulled in three directions and none of them are the direction I thought I’d be headed in my life. I was expecting to be settling down and planning to start a family, instead I’m working, in school, and doing freelance work as an artist and model. It’s a lot to digest”.


I saw your paintings in your website and they are very bright and coluful, some of them are erotic, some politics, some candid, some about life, how do you see your art?

I am a graphic artist and sometimes the content is literally graphic. As a teenager I sculpted and painted, and I always strove to have a very grungy look to my pieces but they almost always ended up being rainbow, I’ve embraced that my mind defaults to color and I think there is a need for more brightness in the world. Lately I’ve been starting most of my art pieces by writing, a few lines of poetry, sometimes a random string of words. That acts as the thought or feeling or purpose and then I translate it visually. Soon I’ll be getting a really nice tablet so I can enhance my art. I definitely hope to be able to sustain myself financial on my art. I want to show in galleries. I want to transition my social media from being all about me to being about my art. I plan to work as a creative in an ad agency for sometime but hope to settle down and have thriving freelance work.

When did you decide to model? What do you like about modeling? Did it help you to empower yourself?

When I was 12 or 13 I wanted to do be the first guy to win America’s Next Top Model. But I’m not to the industries standard, I’m far too short, so I let the dream die. Then at 20 I literally said ‘Fuck It’ and started my own portfolio, had a friend photograph me and then it started. I actually got a call back for America’s Next Top Model a few years ago but the email went to my spam folder. I manage myself, so if I have a photoshoot I negotiated it, scheduled it, all of that. Graphic design commissions are the same, I have to hustle to get work but I have to make sure not to overextend myself.

Have you ever feel vulnerable or under danger in front of other guys because a being small guy? How did you deal witht that?

Definitely. All the time. Especially when I was younger I’d have men walk up to me in bars and call me ‘rape-bate’ or literally tell me that they wanted to rape me. They’d pick me, undress me on the dance floor and tell me it didn’t matter if I said ‘No’. For a long time I thought that was the gay experience, I had a sharp tongue and was able to keep myself safe. As I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to see the scars that has all left.

In the gay world people is full of stereotypes and prejudices too, how do you feel about it?

There are definite prejudices in our community. White, tall men with six packs are considered the norm, thats what we see on TV representing us. I realize I have some privilege in our community because of the color of my skin, but I also don’t fit the stereotypical persona in most other ways. Its hard to see a group of minorities force members of our community into deeper minority-status.

IanJ acobLaRevistaDiversaAre you a fashion person?

I wanted to be a designer growing up as well, I looked back at some of my sketches and I wasn’t bad! I love the self expression of fashion, the industry is tricky though. So many people in the industry are shallow, small people, its a hard group to associate with while maintaining your mental health.

Do you feel comfortable posing for erotic or naked photos?

I’m generally comfortable being naked on set, erotic isn’t really something I’m interesting in doing though.

“Beauty is your mind emitting through your appearance. The inside, shinning through to the outside”.

Is LGBT rights at risk with Donald Trump administration and the Republican party?

Yes. Definitely. Any member of the LGBTQ community that believes Trump when he says he supports us is blind. No supporter of our wellbeing would associate with half the people in Trump’s cabinet, not to mention his Vice President, Pence. But the majority of us are wise enough to know we need to fight, protest, and protect ourselves and each other.  I’ve always tried to be a source of advice for people on social media. A lot of gay men younger than myself come to me, and I try my best to guide them. Since Trump came around, for the first time since I came out, I’m having to really protest. I grew up in a bubble, that bubble has popped. DC, America, they are no longer safe places, we can no longer assume we are safe.

“My followers are great, super nice, super supportive! I’ve met so many interesting people and heard so many interesting stories on social media”:

Do you consider youserfl a little exhibionist?

A little. I try to maintain some secrets so that I have things to share only with those I choose to be intimate with.

Things every man should have always in his closet?

A man should always have the basics, and they should fit well. Jeans, white tees, if you can rock that and make it seem stylish than you probably actually have style. Shorts should be above the knee, long pants should be hemmed. Boots are a must, they are the one item that gives you instant power.

Ian La Revista Diversa.jpgHow do you see the LGBTQ rights around the world?

I’m just starting to learn about this. I remember the first time I traveled outside the US as a gay man was to Paris. It was very accepting, very normal, it wasn’t some sideshow like many gay bars in the US. But I know a lot of the world is not like that, a lot of people face issues, and sadly the US was once an example to the world, now its a bad example. Im happy for recent accomplishments, like in Germany, its inspiring to see.

Do you have a gay icon do you admire?

I guess RuPaul, Ru is a business mogul but also incredibly poignant. I think poignancy is something missing in many gay ‘icons’ nowadays.

Have you ever been in South America? What do you know about Peru?

I haven’t. My best friend’s family is from Peru and she’s told me she’ll take me one day. I don’t speak Spanish so I wouldn’t want to go alone

And here the naughty details…

Who is the sexiest man alive in your contry and worlwide?

In my country? Hasan Minhaj, who’s the comedian that performed at the president’s correspondence dinner is incredibly cute, and funny, and smart. In the world? I guess David Beckham? I always hope to age like him!!

Where it was the most inusual place you made love?

The woods or the beach. Pro tip: sand and dirt don’t make great additions to sex.

What can put you in a mood?

Honestly I kind of like the game. The game of dating, knowing someones attracted to you, playing with their head a little and knowing that they are doing the same back. Is that a bit sadistic?

Have you ever been in a nude beach or nude camp?

Yeah I went to a nude beach. Its a nice fun thing to do alone, I don’t think I would do it with friends or a partner.

IanJacobPortfolio La Revista Diversa.jpgDo you still have a sexual fanstay to fulfill?

I’ve never really fantasized about sex. I don’t enjoy the idea of sex with people I’m not emotionally connected with, so unless I have a person like that in my life I don’t have any basis for fantasy.

Which part of your body you like the most?

I like my legs, being short has forced me to have nice legs so I can stand on my toes and reach for things! Most men probably like my legs or hairy chest best.


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