TRAVEL: Christian Vollmert from Volle On Tour

Volle On Tour 001

He loves traveling. His name is Christian Vollmert, a 26 years old german guy who was born and raised in Hamburg (Germany). Christian is straight but he is very open mind about diversity. Let’s meet this blond handsome man that is waiting for you to join his website and go to Voll on Tour. Are you ready?

Christian started his blog/ website, because of two main reasons. The 1st reason is, that he wants to inspire other people with his stories to get the best out of their lifes, just like he tries to do too. “I want to inspire them with my stories and show them how important it is to get of ones own comfort zone to fullfill your visions and dreams”. The 2nd reason is, that he wants to earn a living from this website, so that he can ultimately become free to do whatever he wants to do and to travel whenever/ whereever while he tries to keep on inspiring other people with it. “The most difficult thing was to convince myself, that I can do all the technological stuff. I usually don’t have any clue when it comes to technical things, but I really wanted to start the website, so I just went for it”. 

He usually just book a flight and tries to figure out everything about the place. “I don’t have any preferences on accommodation. I like anything as long as its good and cheap”. At the moment he only make short videos, because he don’t have enough time. “I do everything on my own, which is very time consuming. Otherwise I would do different”.

Without a doubt he name us the Top Five most friendly cities: Melbourne, Queenstown, Auckland, Sydney, Hamburg. He thinks that there shouldn’t be any labels such as LGTBQ or gay. “I think we are all equal and should get treated in the same way, which is why the travel industry should NOT make any differenciations.” 

He grew up in a very open minded family. For them sexual diversity was completely normal because everyone should be allowed to do and say whatever they want to do and say. “I had, but not anymore, because paths started to seperate. But I always get along with gay people very well. Generally there should be no difference between “normal” people and LGTBQ. Everyone should have the same rights. Germany is quite open minded and developed regarding this topic, but obviously there is still some work to do”.

Voll On Tour 002.jpg

As you can notice Christian is in good shape. How?  He does street fighting (Mix Martial Arts) and work out 2-3 times a week. Five years from here he sees hinself with his own flat (want to buy something) and an online business, which inspires 200.000 people per month and produces enough money, so that he can only live of that. “From there on I want to be able to do whatever I want through my website”.

About Peru he says it has incredibly friendly people (as far he have experienced it) and stunning nature. Many great mountain areas as well as flatlands. “Must be a great place!”.

And of course three naughty questions:

Who is the sexiest man alive in your contry and worlwide?
Hard to say for me because I am not gay, but I think David Beckam and The Rock are. Paul Walker was one as well until he passed away.

What is your favorite kind of underwear?
– Normal boxershorts.

Have you ever a zunga or speedo or small underwear in the beach?
– No I haven’t.


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