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Matt Crawford La Revista Diversa (3)

We interviewed another naturist straight man. Matt Crawford is American, an average guy who loves to be nude as a stylelife. Both are in front of the cam. He is nude I am not. He doesn’t care how he looks like because he feels great inside outside. After all, we all are made from flesh and bones. Matt not only enjoys very much to be clothes off if not also photography. Acoording to his own words on his Bio Twitter, social network where you can get feedback with him: “Just a guy living my life! • I’m a #father, #sysadmin, #geek, #nudist, #gamer #photographer at @snapgeekphoto • I’m #Straight & have gf”

Tell us about your childhood, where did you grow up?

I grew up in Iowa. My family are not nudists but I became interested in it while I was a child. While my family slept I often walked around the house nude or even outside at night wearing nothing but my birthday suit.

What did you study?

I only have a High School education and I’m self-taught when it comes to computers and photography

Did you enjoy being nude since a little boy?

Ever since I was young I have always attempted to run around in the nude. This didn’t change as I grew up either and I still enjoy running around nude whenever possible.

When did you realize you were a naturist or nudist?

Probably when I was in High school because I started researching it and started realizing that I’m simply more comfortable without clothing.

How it was your first time experimenting with a naturist community or still you didn’t have the experience?

I haven’t actually been to a nude beach or resort yet but I have been to nudist house parties before. My first time at a nudist house party was fun and I wasn’t nervous at all. No problems with boners either.

Are you married?


Were you looking for somebody naturist like you?

No but sometimes I wish I would of been so we’d have more in common.​

Matt Crawford 002Have you ever feel bad because people, friends or family didn’t understand about you being a naturist?

Not at all. People who don’t understand are simply more closed minded and don’t want to open up their minds to other lifestyles. Family doesn’t really talk about it much​

What it was the most difficult time for you being a naturist?

Probably more difficult time is right now because my kids weren’t grown up around the lifestyle so I’m not nude around them. My oldest son has kids at school who tease him about the nude photos they see of me online but I don’t let it bother me and I leave them up.

What does it mean for you being a naturist?

For me it’s about the freedom of not wearing clothes, Being myself as I was born. Why do we need to hide what god gave us behind clothing?

Do you consider yourself sexy or atractive?

I guess.

How is it the naturist community in your town or state?

There isn’t one. No nudist beaches, clubs or resorts.

Why do you thing so still society has many prejudices or stereotyoes about nudism?

People were taught from birth to cover up, wear clothes and to be ashamed of their bodies. So because of that people associate nudity with sex.

Matt Crawford 003.jpgDo you have any gay or lesbian friends? Gay Couples?

No, but I would like to have them.

Do you consider a little exhibionist?

My photos may seem a little bit like that but I don’t personally consider myself one.

How is it the feedback with followers on Twitter?

Most of my twitter followers are supportive and like how open I am.

Have you ever meet other twitter friends in person?


I bet you got many gay followers on Twitter, how do you feel about the comments about your body and specially about your dick?

I usually ignore them. I’m not in it for sexual attention.

Have you ever block people that is only interested about bothering because looking for other things and not naturism?

Not recently but I have.

You also enjoy shooting photos, how is it going? Are you doing professional?

I’m trying to advance my professional career.

What do you when you are not working?

Working on advancing my photography, house or spending time with the family.

Do you remember a gay movie or gay role on TV or cinema?


What is the most gay friendly thing have you ever did in your life? Did you go to a gay parade or gay disco?

I’ve let a guy suck my cock before. Other than that nothing.

What is the most comfortable place in your house or outside to ne naked?

I love being naked everywhere, in my house, outside of my house, in my yard, garage, etc. I’d be naked everywhere if it was legal.

Some of your photos are a little playful or naughty, how do you make it work to don’t cross the limit?

Well I don’t have photos of me cumming for one. I think I only have shared 1 photo of me hard on my twitter.

How is it onlyfans?

Was a good site until I got banned.

What is the part of your body do you think so men like most?

My penis.

What is the part of your body you like the most?

Probably my blue eyes

If a magazine offer you to pose nude in the cover or centerfold totally nude would you say yes?

Of course. I’m not ashamed.

Do you watch porn? What kind do you see?


Is there any sexual fantasy still you want to make it happens?

Not really.

How do you see LGBT rights in your country and worldwide?

I’m not against it I guess.

Is there more acceptance in your state?

Sorta. Gay marriage is legal here.

Have you ever been in a gay wedding?

No yet.

If one of your sons or daughters would tell you they are gays or lesbians, how would you support them?

I’m not sure but I’d try to understand.

What do you know about Peru my country?

Nothing really.



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  1. gypsy42279 says:

    Hey bro GAY here hit me back. Life Long Naturist Nudist here. Take care

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