THE OPEN CLOSET: Domenico Gambolo

Domenico 004

By Antonio Capurro

Born in Sicily (Italy) but currently based in the UK, Domenico Gambolo is a very passionate, funny and warm guy who loves traveling and getting to know other countries and cultures. Soon he is going to be our YouTuber host and to talk about travel and much more. Domenico is your g(a)uy next door🏳️‍🌈🇮🇹🇬🇧 Addicted to travel 56🌍 He is happy with life,,enjoying the simple things! Boredom isn’t in his vocabulary😝 but toTravel ✈️ and toLive💃🏼 Meet him!!

How it was Brighton Pride?

It was my first Brighton Pride and I had the time of my life! I have been to London Pride which is huge, but in a way is a bit corporate with all the big companies joining the parade, fences everywhere and police everywhere with raffle (you are all aware of past terroristic attacks and alert is very high). Brighton is another thing, the city comes to an alt and everyone joins the parade, seems to be me more genuine and real with less attitude, more my cup of tea (as they say the British).

What does it mean for you to be a proud gay man? Do you feel different or special?

Being a proud gay man for me means just to be myself, honest, true to my values as a ‘man’ and set an example. That should be the same to anyone straight/Gay/bi/trans and so on.

Tell us what did you study?

I got humanistic studies with Latin/Ancient Greek/Philosophy and then at Uni I did International Advertisement and Marketing.

When did you decide to open your Instagram account? Why porquenuncaparamos name?

I have had my account for many years but only active in the last 6 years. I travel lots but nowadays that we do not print pics anymore. I felt like I will never see my old travel pics again, so I decided to go over them and choose those pics that framed a moment and have a story behind, share them on IG so that family and friends (old and new) can view them. Porquenuncaparamos is just after my last trip to Ecuador,love Spanish language and also I’m a very active person when I’m on holiday and I never stop!

Domenico 001You were born in Italy, how it was your childhood? How easy was to accept your sexual orientation? Was it a complicated process?

I come from conservative Sicily. I had a great childhood as I grow up by the sea playing in the countryside climbing olive and lemon trees, in a way I feel privileged when I see kids in London that are not able to play on the street as it is not safe. I was bisexual through my teens however I knew since young age I would have left Sicily and once I turned 18 I left and started my journey through acceptance.

Why did you decide to move to London? What do you like most from this country?

London for most European is the ‘El Dorado’ a bit like New York in America, the city that never sleeps with so much to do and see, where you can be yourself and people won’t judge you for what you wear, love and do in life. I love the multicultural element of London, it is so stimulating to meet people from every corner of the world, learn about their food/traditions/culture/history, it is an eye opener

Talking about culture and diversity what are the big differences you found between England and Italy?

In Italy we live following social rules that are great but obsolete, is all about showing what society wants, to get married and have children, to have your stable job for the rest of your life, to eat your (amazing) Italian food but not room for change and innovation. England and more of all London is the opposite.

I bet you got a lot of feedback with your followers. Usually what kinf of comments do you receive? Do you like any particular social netwok?

These days I’m loving IG and yes since I started including a small story behind each photo in the caption, I’m having some very positive feedback, some followers contact me privately and tell me how they enjoy it. It makes me happy to know that people enjoy me being myself

What do you do on weekend? Resting at home or hanging out with friends?

My wild days are over, if I’m not travelling abroad or hiking/camping out of town I tend to relax, most likely go to the gym, go to the market to buy fresh vegs and cook, cook for me, for friends or prepping my food for the week. I have been told that I would make the perfect house wife hahaha, I cook everything from scratch, make bread, yogurt, winter preserves of peppers or aubergine. Most of the time you will find me with some nice music in the background, a glass of vino and me chopping some food in my kitchen. I sometime go out for a few drinks but not as much as before.

Domenico 003.jpgDo you work out?

I hike lots (especially in summer). I used to cycle (before my bike got stolen) and I also joined a gay rowing club but haven’t been for a few months. I do pay the gym but don’t go as often as I would like to.

From your photos we see a guy with great sense of humour, how do you describe yourself?

I’m described as cheeky, funny, extremely chatty. I agree with all of that.

What is your TOP TEN list of the gayest countries or cities have you ever visit?

Holland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Israel, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and Turkey.

How do you see you LGBTQ rights in the world? Is getting better?

We have definitely made major steps in most of the industrialised countries, something unthinkable until 30/40 years ago. Unfortunately that’s one side of the medal and so much we don’t hear. I have been to Iran and there being gay is punished with death sentence. I went with my ex (Iranian) bf, his family knew and we slept in the same bed while there but I have to admit that I felt nervous

How many gay prides have you attend? What it was for you the most exciting, wild or special one?

I think the first Pride is the one that I would never forget, I was 19 and was the Euro Pride in Rome, I was gay (confused bi), first time I was exposed to gay society and that was WOW mind blowing. I have been to London Pride and Brighton, that’s it.

You love traveling, which travels are you planning for the next future?

Going to Romania for a wedding in 2 weeks. Camping in the English countryside with the Outdoorlads group, a gay group that does lots of outdoor activities (I call them the gay-scouts). Sicily for a wedding and visit my family in September. Puglia Italy, doing a surprise trip for my parents 50th anniversary. Africa in December and January (South Africa Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe). Japan in April.

I know you know some Spanish, do you want to learn more?

I love your language! It is relatively easy for Italian to learn and I find it extremely sexy. I have done some practice while in Colombia and Ecuador last December, I have also watched ‘La Reina Del Sur’ (la telenovela), which is a funny way to learn Spanish but not really ‘business spanish’, one of my favourite lines is ‘Maldita Zorra’ hahaha.

Do you use many apps?

Well if you mean hook up/dating apps, not that much. Not on Grindr, Scruff or anything like that. I have been on Tinder and have been on a few dates for a laugh. I believe more at the first eye contact with someone in bar, street, train – all my long relationships have been with men I met through friends or in bars.

Domenico Gambolo DMCIs that true that Italian men are very romantic, passionate and good lovers?

Yes indeed, I confirm, these are not just rumours. Me being Sicilian makes me even more passionate and romantic and volcanic hahaha.

Do you get disconnected from social network sometimes?

I do, I was dormant on IG for more than 6 years and is only in the last 6 weeks that I have been posting lots. Facebook is a great tool to keep in touch with people around the world and sometime I post when I’m on holiday so that family and friends know I’m OK and I don’t need to text one by one

What do you know about Peru?

Who doesn’t know Machu Picchiu and the Inca Trail?, me being an adventurer I so wanna go. I do love geography and remember as a young boy reading about the huge Lake Titicaca. I also love cooking and discovering food from all over the world and Ceviche is Amazing

Do you have any special gay movie or gay book or tv series you like a lot?

Ru Paul is amazing and very funny, have watched all the seasons and episodes. A book that is very dear to me and that helped me in my coming out process is the ‘Velvet Rage’, it explains how life can be hard for us since young age and why so many of us look for validation to compensate the original shame.

Did somebody inspire you like a guide for your own life?

No really, my guide has been life, make mistake, reach rock bottom, get up and learn from it.

Do you consider an activist or advocate speaker for LTGBQ rights?

I only came out to my parents 2 years ago, I have always been curious but could not define myself an activist, now that I’m true to myself and my beloved once I would like to get more and more involvedcand set an example for those people that are going through acceptance.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to leave my 9/5 office job and become a professional traveller, work on my blog and also do what I do now (digital advertising) but as a freelancer so that I can work remotely from Anywhere in the world, from Timbuktu to Istanbul and Lima and more… (the list is endless).. Travel more, avoid the 9/5 and the rat race of the commute to work and only wait for the week end to enjoy life. Life should be enjoyed every single days, keep enjoying the simple things (as I do now).

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